Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, Better You

Yeah, I know it's a cliche title for a New Year's post, but really how else do you sum up what you want to do.  Some of them say "New You".  I don't agree with that.  Your already made, not just remade again.  You have your strengths and your weaknesses.  Your body has some miles on it.  Some parts may be wearing out, some may just not work.  Like most cars though it's still drive-able.  Which means your still useful and you are able to improve on the parts that still work.  Whether it be your physical condition, mental well being, helping others out, exercising your talents, or working on something spiritual.  We all have something we can make better while still being ourselves.  So don't try and make yourself something your not a "New You", make a Better You this year.

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