Friday, December 28, 2012

Total Body Strength Training Routine

See your doctor before starting any exercise routine.  Exercise at your own risk.  In other words don't blame me is you get hurt doing any of these exercises.

Well here is my total body strength training routine.  I believe it works every muscle in the body.  If you don't feel like an certain exercise would be good for you either because you have an injury or you do that certain type of movement at your job and doing it in your exercise routine might give you an overuse injury, feel free to skip that exercise.  If you don't know what an exercise it go ahead and google it or you can try and find it here.

If you are not new to strength training you can follow the time numbers.  When you get tired  but the time for exercise isn't done either you rest a little bit and then do more or else lower the weight or angle.  So if you are doing Pushups regular style and you are getting tired you would drop to your knees.  If you were doing bicep curls with dumbbells you would grab a lighter dumbbell.

If you are brand spanking new to strength training follow this schedule.  It will seem too easy compared to what other people recommend on the web.
1st Week - up to 12 reps of each exercise rest for 6 days
2nd Week - up to 16 reps of each exercise  rest for 3 days or until soreness goes away
3rd Week and on follow the mins and rest 2 days in between

Cardio Warmup 2 mins each
1. Joint Warmup: Rotate and swing each joint to loosen it
2. Robot: Move 90 deg arms and raise knees in a slow robotic walk
3. High Knees 1min - Butt Kicks 1 min
4. Jumping Jacks
5. Climbers
6. Running man: Move straight arms up and down and move legs forward and back
7. Cool down Yoga

Main Workout 1 min each
1. Muay Thai Knee Raise: Balance on one leg at an 45 deg angle away from body, raise opposite knee diagonally while pulling arms down and rotating to outside of the knee.
2. Leg Circles: Lay on the ground and with straight legs make circles with pointed toes clockwise 30secs, counter clockwise 30secs
3. Wide Pushup/ Chest Flys: Alternate between the two
4. Wide Pullup/ Back Flys: Alternate between the two
5. Stir the Pots: With light dumbbells in hands in front of chest move hands in a circular motion clockwise 30 secs, counter clockwise 30 secs
6. Knee Circles: Get on hands and knees and kick leg back, bring knee up to the side, move knee forward and back down making a circular motion with your knee for 15 secs and then rotate it the other way another 15 secs, then switch legs
7. Clean and Press Dumbbells Pliae Squat
8. Arm Circles: Hold arms out to the sides and move hands in a circular motion clockwise 30 secs, counter clockwise 30 secs
9. Bridges: Lay on the Floor with your knees up, push up through your heals raising your hips and balancing on your shoulders. Lower and repeat.
10. Bicep Curls Dumbbells
11. Tricep Kickbacks or Tricep Pull downs: whichever is more comfortable for you
12. Squats: start out doing them shallow and work your way down
13. Leg Curls
14. Calf Raises on stairs
15. Angels: while gripping gravity straps and leaning back slightly or light resistance band anchored up high move your arms up and down like you are making a snow angel in the snow, keep hands linear with your body
16. Dips
Rest 5-10 mins

Abdominal Workout 1 min each
1. Ab Strap Knee/Leg Raises or Leg Raises while lying on the ground
2. Side Banana Raises:  Lay on your side and raise your legs off the ground with your oblique muscle, make it harder by raising your top half off the ground too, the more you raise your arms the harder it gets, 30 secs each side
3. W/L Sits to hold: Sit on the floor and raise your legs to balance on your rear, this makes a W with your body, move your legs out as far and you can (L) and bring the back do this till you can't put them out anymore and then hold the W as long as you can or till time runs out.
4. Toe Touches
5. Roll outs with ab wheel or gravity bands, else do reg crunches

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